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Orthus Health Donates Virtual Diabetes Management During COVID-19 Crisis

Raleigh-Based Health & Wellness Provider Offering Diabetes Management Platform Free To All Clients

Raleigh, NC — As the coronavirus pandemic continues to create challenges for the nation’s health system, those living with diabetes—10% of the population in the U.S.—are facing challenges in access to their routine healthcare.

Because of this, Orthus Health, an innovative wellness and condition management solution provider, is doing its part to help by offering its comprehensive diabetes management platform to its more than 100 existing clients for free for the next three months. The company hopes this support offered at no charge will help ensure the population living with diabetes can better manage their health and avert complications while staying at home or sheltering in place during the COVID-19 crisis.

Orthus Health for Diabetes is an extension to the company's wellness platform, featuring unique tools and capabilities to support, empower and advise individuals living with diabetes. Easy-to-use technology allows users to regularly capture blood glucose readings from any glucose meter, including devices with and without Bluetooth capabilities. Real-time analytics identify and deliver appropriate risk-based support as each individual’s clinical data set evolves.

Through the app, Orthus Health’s team of clinically trained health coaches works directly with those in need of support. They proactively advise individuals with diabetes to inspire positive behavior change and avert complications that could land them in the hospital.

“The Orthus Health for Diabetes platform provides an effective and personalized approach to diabetes management,” said the company's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrea Coviello, who oversees the Orthus Health for Diabetes program. “I am excited to be working to empower people to improve their health, and to provide support at a time when patients and healthcare workers need it most.”

According to the CDC and the ADA, more than 30 million Americans living with diabetes are at a higher risk of experiencing dangerous complications from COVID-19. Because diabetes can compromise the immune and metabolic systems that help most people fight off viruses, those living with the condition are practicing social distancing – including avoiding traditional face-to-face checkups with their doctor. This is why CEO and President of Orthus Health Chris Caramanico is donating virtual help to clients to help their employees stay on track with their care plan.

“Successful management of a chronic disease like diabetes requires consistency—with nutrition, medication, and exercise. For most Americans living with diabetes, they have achieved this consistency in their daily routine. With social distancing and mandatory lockdowns introduced, these daily routines have been completely upended,” said Caramanico. “To further exacerbate the problem, the shift in medical resources from non-emergent to critical cases has left people without a medical home or a helping hand. Telemedicine has filled some of the voids, but there are still gaps in care. Our goal is to provide Orthus Health’s clinical resources to all members currently registered on our platform for free to help them remain safe and keep their condition well-controlled during this uncertain time.“

Employers who are existing Orthus Health clients can opt in to provide the Orthus Health for Diabetes platform to their employees, free of charge, for 90 days. For more information about Orthus Health for Diabetes or other Orthus Health services, please visit

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