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In response to COVID-19, Orthus Health has developed a safe, simple solution for employee symptom tracking, available in the My Pathway to Health app.

Easy-to-use mobile technology allows employees to remotely self-report and track body temperature and other respiratory virus symptoms commonly linked to the coronavirus. Real-time dashboards provide HR/safety personnel the ability to monitor symptom statuses down to the employee, so you can:

  • Eliminate manual tracking of body temperature and other respiratory symptoms

  • Prevent potentially infected employees from reporting to work

  • Reduce risk of contagion and spread

Learn more about implementing Orthus Health Symptom Monitoring to maintain a healthy and safe environment at your organization.

A member of the Orthus Health team will be in touch with you shortly!

The symptom tracker offers secure, private, centralized insights on progression and recovery.


Key capabilities include:

  • Real-time employee population monitoring

  • Detailed view of individual employee trends

  • Digital policy communication and consent capture

  • Fast deployment to support your workforce urgently

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