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 Orthus Health meets employers at the intersection of wellness and condition management.

We address the unique challenges facing an employee population using a personalized program for better health, delivered through a singular platform. 

Singluar, integrated,

HIPAA-compliant mobile and online wellness portal

Members can review their risk score, risk score level, and health focus areas as directed by their disease risk assessment results, as well as access and update trackers, set goals, and chat with their health coach. Our comprehensive platform also offers incentive management, enhanced wellness challenges, value-add health programs, and much more.

Scientifically-proven US disease risk assessment replaces the traditional HRA

Through our patented Know Your Number® Disease Risk Assessment, we pinpoint modifiable disease risks and project costs that can be avoided. Know Your Number® combined with employee biometrics and medical and pharmacy claims data, provides retrospective (historical) and prospective (future) priority focus areas to target population health, disease risks, and healthcare costs. This helps employers see where they should invest wellness dollars to generate the greatest impact.

US-based certified health coaches who leverage pertinent clinical data to care, engage, and inspire action

We provide one-on-one targeted health coaching via phone, secure text, secure messaging for behavioral/lifestyle health management and disease management as well as targeted behavior change programs: tobacco cessation, cholesterol, stress management, prediabetes, prehypertension, injury and disease prevention, and weight loss.

Data-driven services with
easy-to-understand and actionable reports

Our tool processes disparate data sets – healthcare utilization, biometrics, pharmacy, health risk appraisal, and workers comp – and stores the data in a relational database. From there, we are able to query the data and discover relationships in order to determine what drives disease risk and cost to the employer. Based on the analysis, we are able to suggest solutions to mitigate risk and reduce cost.

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