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Orthus Health provides one-on-one targeted health coaching via phone, secure text, and secured messaging for behavioral and lifestyle health management and disease management as well as targeted behavior change programs: tobacco cessation, cholesterol, pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, disease prevention, and weight loss.


Our coaches are HIPAA trained and have a depth of education and experience. The team includes registered nurses, registered dietitians, health educators and exercise physiologists. Coaches are experts in their respective areas of clinical practice. 

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  • Apply Intrinsic Coaching® methodology to elicit new thinking from individuals being coached

  • Use proactive outreach model with outbound and unlimited inbound health coaching delivered securely via online, telephonically, and through mobile app

  • Initiate outreach based on risk stratification from the Orthus Health Know Your Number® (KYN) Disease Risk Tracker inclusive of biometric screening results and medical and pharmacy claims if available

  • Partner with members to create personal action plans (using My Action Plan goal setting tool)

  • Monitor results and help ensure steady progress 

In addition, as part of our partnership with you to make a positive impact on your employee’s health, we provide a dedicated account manager, as well as product training, aggregate level reporting, consulting, and branded and custom communication and promotion materials.

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