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8 Tips for Staying Safe and Well This Summer

Summer is here and many of us are looking forward to family vacations, good times in the great outdoors, and other warm-weather activities. In all the excitement, it’s important to take steps to avoid injuries and keep safety, health, and wellness top of mind even while you’re having fun.

Here are 8 summer safety tips for this month’s #OrthusHealthChallenge.

IN THE WATER Don’t swim alone – count on a buddy or lifeguard. Never dive into shallow or unfamiliar water, wear a lifejacket on boats and docks, and always supervise children when playing in or around water to prevent drowning and accidents.

IN THE HEAT It’s hot out there! Avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day - take a break in the shade or air conditioning to keep body temperature down. Drink plenty of water, especially while exercising, to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

STAYING HYDRATED Sweating more means your body is losing large amounts of water, which can cause headaches, dizziness and cramps. Increase your water consumption in summer and avoid dehydrating beverages like caffeine and alcohol.

SUN SAFETY Sunburns are painful and can lead to more serious issues including skin cancer. Protect your skin from UV rays with a SPF 15 or higher sunscreen, lightweight sun-protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and UV-blocking sunglasses to shield your eyes.

IN NATURE Insect bites and plants like poison ivy can cause skin irritation and infections. Learn how to identify potentially dangerous wildlife, wear a bug repellant with DEET while outdoors, keep an oral antihistamine and topical ointment on hand to treat itchy bites, and check for ticks when returning home.

FIRE SAFETY Be smart about fireworks and campfires. Make sure they’re completely extinguished when finished, and keep a hose or bucket nearby just in case. Allow only professionals and adults to set off fireworks at a safe distance, and never point them at another person or light more than one at a time.

WHEN TRAVELING Practice good hand-washing habits and wear a mask when traveling through heavily populated places like airports. Take plenty of vitamin C to boost your immunity. On the road, always wear a seatbelt, make sure car seats are properly fitted, and never leave children or pets in a vehicle unattended to prevent heat-related injury.

AT GATHERINGS Remember to continue following social distancing guidelines this summer at the beach, backyard barbecues, and other gatherings. Cover your mouth and nose, stay 6 feet apart, and don’t gather in groups of more than 10 people to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Orthus Health wants safety, health, and wellbeing to be a priority for every person, every day. We’re here to help make it simple.

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