Enhanced Wellness Challenges | Orthus Health


At Orthus Health, we understand there’s more than one way to do wellness, because there’s more than one type of person. We’re proud to offer enhanced wellness challenges within our comprehensive platform to continually engage your employees, inspire and motivate change, and provide lasting health benefits. Plus, deliver long-term financial benefits.

​Introducing 10 enhanced wellness challenges uniquely built for:

  • Individuals to achieve personalized goals

  • Teams to boost department spirit

  • Company-wide programs to improve workplace wellness culture

Out with tired challenges - in with wellness that works!

Customize a Journey

 by creating eye-catching maps and inspirational milestones catered to your company mission, culture, or location. 

Promote a Sense of Community

 by uploading tailored videos, articles, and educational posts from employer executives and local leaders. 

Brand your Platform

 by incorporating your company logo and messaging and creating challenges that represent the interests of your employees. 

Give Back

 by getting well. Create custom team-based or individual challenges that encourage corporate social responsibility and the charitable passions of your employees.

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