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In the News: Q&A with Orthus Health CEO Chris Caramanico

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

See the original article on WRAL TechWire here.

According to Chris Caramanico, data doesn’t lie. And the truth is, wellness works but only when that data is made “actionable.”

Enter Orthus Health, an integrated mobile-enabled wellness platform designed to save employers money by improving the health of their employees.

“We seamlessly combine data, analytical science and clinical expertise to pinpoint modifiable risk carried by individuals, deliver tailored support to drive healthy behavior, and drive the greatest impact on employee health and employer savings,” said Caramanico, who serves as the firm’s president and chief executive officer.

“Ultimately, our goal is to enhance the quality of the life for individuals we support by reducing risk and inspiring change through corporate wellness.”

WRAL TechWire’s Chantal Allam recently had the chance to pose a few questions to him. Here’s what he had to say:

What is the mission of Orthus Health?

Orthus Health’s mission is to save employers money by improving the health of their employees. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance the quality of the life for individuals we support by reducing risk and inspiring change through corporate wellness.

What’s the “secret sauce” that makes working with Orthus Health unique/different?

In the wellness industry, we frequently hear three frustrations from HR professionals:

1. Disparate solutions from multiple vendors that don’t communicate, leading to a disconnect for employees and a headache for employers.

2. Big data that tells employers what percentage of the population is suffering from chronic conditions, but does not tell them who, or what to do about it.

3. Impersonal, cookie cutter wellness programs rolled out to an entire employee population that fail to motive individual change.

At Orthus Health, we have solved these problems.

Orthus Health provides a singular solution. With all employee wellness tools communicating seamlessly, employers never experience miscommunications.

Our science-based analytics predict individual health risks, provide insight into avoidable financial burdens caused by modifiable conditions, and identify pathways to drive positive change with lasting benefits.

Lastly, Orthus Health promotes long-term success by engaging employees with tailored wellness journeys via our mobile app and clinically-informed health coaching. We create an individualized plan for each employee to drive meaningful action.

What strengths does Orthus Health have, from management to workforce, intellectual property to expertise, that makes you a company in which clients should be interested in doing business with?

At Orthus Health, we are passionate about rethinking wellness and committed to improving the health of individuals we support. Our management team, collectively, has dedicated more than 100 years to defining and delivering healthcare technology solutions. Our client service team brings significant clinical expertise to bear when helping individuals pursue healthy lifestyles or manage their condition. Unlike other wellness vendors, our staff represents a wide range of clinical disciplines – including physicians, registered nurses, nutritionists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and more.  The team shares medical research and science with our clients in a unique way that makes it digestible and actionable.

Our scientifically proven disease risk tracker also sets us apart from other wellness vendors. The Know Your Number® algorithm has been researched, developed, validated, and maintained by top healthcare experts and institutions. By providing both current and prospective disease-risk data, we are able to identify the right people for the right programs at the right time.

Tell us a bit of history of your company.

Orthus Health was founded in 2017 in North Carolina upon merging established companies with core competencies in care management, online member empowerment, and data analytics.  But Orthus Health did not simply combine standalone legacy businesses for economic purposes.  We fully integrated best-of-breed wellness solutions, many of which have been deployed for 20 years, to launch a new comprehensive, singular wellness platform.

Tell us a bit about your local market leadership team. What are some of their secrets for success?

The Orthus Health leadership team collectively has more than100 years of experience in digital healthcare.  The entire team is well-versed in the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare, and have proven track records of success with the most recognized technology companies.

Why does Orthus Health want focus on a particular market segment? Is it a growing or underserved market? How can you capitalize?

Healthcare provider technology has seen a movement towards integrated platforms, and we believe that employer wellness solutions will follow a similar trend. Employers are growing frustrated with several different point solutions from chronic condition management to wellness to culture enhancement – all not communicating with each other. Employee programs need to be offered on a single, comprehensive mobile-enabled platform. At Orthus Health, we have created that platform.

Is sustainability important to Orthus Health’s thinking and if so, why?

At Orthus Health, we are passionate about our clients and improving their quality of life. Human capital is one of our most important resources and sustainability of this resource is paramount to our mission.

What are the biggest opportunities ahead as you strive to achieve more growth/success? How do you plan to overcome those?

We are striving to get more involved in the community and establish Orthus Health as North Carolina’s homegrown wellness solution. Like the neighbor you go to when you need a helping hand, we want to let local companies that we are right in their backyard to implement or enhance their wellness program. With a local partnership comes a local commitment that cannot be matched.

The pace of change in technology keeps increasing – how does Orthus Health adapt and stay ahead of the wave?

Orthus Health believes in the power of VoC (voice of the customer) principles. Therefore, we have established a client and strategic advisory board to leverage their expertise and stay ahead of the pace. In addition, with the best and brightest of the Research Triangle on our staff, we are constantly innovating our product to provide the most advanced solution in healthcare technology.

Recruiting talent is a challenge most firms face these days with low unemployment and high demand for certain skill sets. How do you compete for talent? How do you retain talent?

We’ve created a collaborative and trusting work culture at Orthus Health. All members of the team, regardless of level in the organization, are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. Our company is the ideal environment for self-starters that are looking to build something special.

Why do business in the Triangle?

The ability to partner with world-class healthcare systems and research institutions, access to talent from major universities, and proximity to major employers who benefit from wellness solutions all make doing business in the Triangle very attractive.  And certainly we appreciate being part of a community that believes in supporting innovation and local business.

What regulatory and or governmental issues (laws, etc.) present the greatest challenge to your company?

With 2020 being an election year, we anticipate a huge spotlight on healthcare law and policy.  And uncertainty looms regarding key federal regulations impacting employer wellness programs, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  That said, self-insured employers and health plans increasingly need solutions to improve healthcare outcomes and control spend.

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