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Using Remote Monitoring to Engage People with Diabetes and Improve Health Outcomes

Maria Wagner BSN, RN, CDCES

Orthus Health Diabetes Clinical Director

People with diabetes use technologies to monitor their health numbers, including glucose, blood pressure, physical activity, carb intake, sleep and weight. There is tremendous opportunity for diabetes care and education specialists to use remote monitoring and virtual care to optimize health outcomes. Providing continuous and real-time care aligns with the ongoing demands of managing a chronic disease. Your diabetes health coach knows firsthand how to utilize pattern management skills with remote monitoring to enhance outcomes for individuals living with diabetes.

Diabetes care can vary on a daily basis. Many people with diabetes experience bad days, leaving them with questions they need addressed sooner than their next doctor’s appointment. This is where your diabetes health coach can help. Near real-time communication with a diabetes health coaching team can maximize care.

Member: Hey Maria, my blood sugars have been high before dinner for the past week, nothing has changed and I feel defeated. What can I do?

Health Coach: Hey Tom! I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s talk through this and get you back on track. What is your diet throughout the day? Has there been anything that may be adding stress in your life? Recent illness? Even when there are no changes in medication, diet, and exercise, blood sugar can still fluctuate! There are so many factors that can raise your blood sugar. Let’s look over your lifestyle habits from the past week and narrow it down.

Remote care allows the diabetes health coach to:

• Keep the member at the center of their care: each diabetes management program is individualized to each member, making it personal and special to each person with diabetes.

• Provide diabetes monitoring, care, education, and support whenever it is needed.

• Use tools to monitor and support progress and communicate via secure messaging, or personal 1:1 phone calls.

• Have analytics and notifications to identify and address problematic trends with proactive and population health approaches.

Orthus Health for Diabetes extends our singular wellness platform with unique tools to remotely support, empower, and advise individuals living with diabetes, making condition management more effective and accessible than ever. 

With no requirements to replace existing employee glucose meters with proprietary devices or disrupt current diabetic supply contracts, Orthus Health for Diabetes offers a fast path to enhancing the health of your employee population and reducing spend.

Our solution dynamically applies evidence-based rules to each individual’s evolving clinical data set to identify and deliver appropriate risk-based support. This provides employees with an effective and personalized approach to diabetes management. 

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