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Let's Talk Portion Control with the Orthus Health Coaches

As a nation, we tend to overeat. Serving sizes in restaurants have increased significantly over the years.

So how can you know how much is too much?

Portion is how much you choose to eat at one sitting. A portion is completely up to the individual, and that individual decides their portion. Many foods that come as a “single portion” contain multiple servings.

Serving size is the amount of food listed on the products “Nutrition Facts” label. So, when you read the nutritional values, those numbers are for ONE serving that the manufacturer suggests on the package.

For this month's #OrthusHealthChallenge, follow these simple tips for eating smaller portions:

  • Cooking at home: offer the proper serving to each plate and put the remaining food away for leftovers. Leaving the food out makes it easy to eat more.

  • Eating out: opt out of appetizers (especially fried foods). Appetizers add lots of calories before you have your meal! In addition, ask for a takeout box to be brought when your food is served. Before you begin eating, put half of your meal in the takeout box. This cuts the portion in half, AND you get a tasty meal to take home with you.

  • Ordering takeout: If you normally eat two or three slices of pizza, try cutting that in half and enjoy a salad to go with it. If you are ordering for the whole family and normally order a large pizza, try a medium. The slices are not much dierent, and you will all be eating less!

  • Watching movies at home or the theater: Break the habit of eating while watching TV. Instead of snacking, keep a tumbler of water beside your seat and drink water if you get the urge to snack. At the movies, decide to share a bag of popcorn, and opt out of refills.

  • Snacks: count or measure your serving size and then put the bag or box of snacks away. It is too easy to overeat when snacking straight from the container.

  • Everyday meal planning: Use a food diary to log what you eat and how much. Sometimes the simple task of writing it down brings our habits to light! Tracking your calories also helps to monitor your weight.

As we adjust to the new year, consider building a healthy mindset by monitoring your portions and serving sizes. Losing weight and staying healthy takes lifestyle changes. Simple habits can be beneficial for years to come.

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