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Orthus Health Releases Symptom Monitoring Solution for Employers in Response to COVID-19

RALEIGH, N.C., May 6, 2020

Orthus Health, a wellness and condition management provider, has developed a symptom monitoring solution to help employers maintain healthy, safe work environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to a lack of effective tools to confirm employees’ absence of illness or presence of symptoms prior to reporting to work, the Orthus Health Symptom Monitoring solution provides a way for employees to remotely self-report body temperature and other symptoms commonly linked to coronavirus prior to coming on-site. For HR/safety personnel, the solution delivers secure, private, centralized insights on progression and recovery of all employees in their workforce.

“Eliminating manual tracking of body temperature and other respiratory symptoms prevents potentially infected employees from reporting to work and reduces the risk of contagion and spread,” said Chris Caramanico, CEO of Orthus Health. “We are enthusiastic about the positive impact this new tool will have on employee health on a personal scale, as well contributing to flattening the curve of the pandemic.”

Capabilities of the symptom monitoring tool also include detailed views of individual employee health trends and digital policy communication and consent capture. The easy-to-use mobile technology is integrated into Orthus Health’s comprehensive wellness and condition management platform used by employers and providers nationwide.

As the nation’s economy begins to reopen and many are going back to the workplace, Orthus Health’s Symptom Monitoring solution can be quickly deployed to support organizations in urgent need of mitigating their COVID-19 risk. To learn more about the solution and how to implement it, contact Orthus Health by emailing or calling 1.800.550.2427.

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