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Orthus Health Expands Team, Health Analytics Focus to Drive Client Value

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Orthus Health hires experienced healthcare industry leaders to expand its comprehensive, integrated wellness and disease management platform, with initial focus on health analytics.

Orthus Health is excited to welcome two healthcare technology veterans to its leadership team. Keith Richards joins as Vice President of Product Management, bringing a depth of healthcare technology experience with notable organizations like Greenway Health, ZirMed, and CoreLogic. Wes Galbo joins as Vice President of Operations, having previously held strategic marketing and operations leadership positions with McKesson, Allscripts, and Optum.

Mr. Richards and Mr. Galbo will provide leadership and guidance to Orthus Health’s highly-skilled, multidisciplinary analytics group, which includes biostatistics, epidemiology and clinical professionals with experience from prominent institutions such as the FDA and Duke University Clinical Research Institute. The team will pursue three initiatives: providing methodological and data analytic support to evaluate the financial, clinical and administrative impact of wellness programs; identifying patterns in data sets to predict new risk and optimize interventions throughout the coverage year; and empowering program administrators, health coaches and members with relevant, real-time data.

“Analytics is at the core of population health, and this investment will help drive new insights to deliver outcomes for our clients,” says Chris Caramanico, co-founder and President & CEO, Orthus Health.

About Orthus Health

Orthus Health has been helping employers proactively slow the upward trend of health benefit expense and drive positive outcomes for more than 10 years. With a comprehensive, integrated wellness and disease management technology platform, Orthus Health enables clients to proactively identify risk and savings opportunities, direct personalized action based on evidence-based medical guidelines, drive engagement, and measure results.

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