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How to Lower Health Care Costs in America

Orthus Health’s response to the 5 recommendations from experts at a West Health Summit:

As part of an organization that is focused on population health, preventive care and health behavior change – there are many opportunities that we work to directly and indirectly make an impact health outcomes and cost:

  1. Tell a story. Leverage retrospective and prospective data to build an individual health journey map.  For the person, translating data into actionable next steps and a ‘concentration zone’ of focus deepens understanding and influences healthy habits through realistic individual alignment.  For the health industry rich data analysis allows for a more refined approach to individualized medicine and preventive care.

  2. Empower people and focus on everyday life and habits – not just ‘patient encounters’ and diseases.  Leverage technology to teach healthy behaviors and reinforce the positive impact that primary prevention and lifestyle modifications can have on a person’s health trajectory.

  3. Shift the mindset and immediate gratification urgency with facts and meaningful information that addresses the person’s needs, fears, and barriers.

  4. Optimize health outcomes.  Advanced mining of archival and real time data evolves treatment strategies and reveals opportunities trending within medical, pharmacy and behavioral data to pinpoint treatment options that to leads to better quality of care.

  5. Inform cost effective decisions using data to reveal evidence-based alternatives and to reinforce medication adherence that drive better outcomes.

Read the original article here.

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