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Behind the Virus: COVID-19 Podcast Part Two

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

With so much information circulating about COVID-19 coronavirus, it’s important

to understand the science behind the crisis. We teamed up with Dr. Anthony

Hilger to host a special edition two-part podcast. Dr. Anthony Hilger is a retired

professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who taught diagnostic

microbiology, immunology, and clinical laboratory science for 30 years.

"When a person coughs or sneezes, they can project droplets from their respiratory system 6-8 feet out into the air."

- Dr. Anthony Hilger, UNC

During part two of this episode, Dr. Hilger specifically discusses the following topics on COVID-19:

  • How it spreads

  • Prevention tactics

  • Symptoms you can expect

  • Susceptible populations

  • Treatment

Dr. Hilger also expands on several recommendations of what to do if you think you contracted COVID-19.

Ultimately, building a healthy immune system contributes to a better chance of fighting off any virus: eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, rest, exercise, and monitor your stress levels closely.

Take action and inspire change with Orthus Health.

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