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Behind the Virus: COVID-19 Podcast Part One

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

With so much information circulating about COVID-19 (coronavirus), it’s important

to understand the science behind the crisis. We teamed up with Dr. Anthony

Hilger to host a special edition two-part podcast. Dr. Anthony Hilger is a retired

professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who taught diagnostic

microbiology, immunology, and clinical laboratory science for 30 years. In part one

of this episode, he talks with us about viruses.

"A virus is an infectious agent that has to have a host to live, has to have a living cell."

- Dr. Anthony Hilger, UNC

During part one of this podcast, Dr. Hilger covers the following topics on viruses:

  • What they are

  • How they differ from bacteria

  • How they work

  • Symptoms you can expect

  • Vaccines

Dr. Hilger also discusses COVID-19 and how it is similar and different to other viruses.

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