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Beating the Pandemic: A Shortlister Webinar

Shortlister hosted Chris Caramanico, President and CEO at Orthus Health, to share how COVID-19 is changing how we think about workplace wellness.

To register for the FREE webinar recording, click here.

COVID-19 hit hard and created unprecedented challenges for employers and our nation’s health system. It has highlighted several needs in healthcare and the creative thinking required to get care providers safely into a facility and making sure they have the tools they need to stay safe.  Those challenges aren’t so different from the challenges employers face to minimize risk and keep their businesses up and running. Coronavirus has demanded fundamental changes to how we do business and how we think about business. Orthus Health is solving these challenges, while also building healthier, happier workforces.

Orthus Health is a wellness and condition management solution provider that saves employers money by enhancing the health of their employee population. They combine data, analytical science and clinical expertise to pinpoint at-risk individuals and coach them through the health and lifestyle changes needed to achieve results.


An employee’s personal health status is directly related to their ability to defend against COVID-19. Implementing unique tools and programs to proactively improve the health of employees gives them the ability to stay healthy both mentally and physically during a health crisis and beyond. Preventative wellness is the answer. 

An employee health and wellness program:

  • Helps manage existing chronic conditions

  • Improves physical and mental health

  • Assesses individual health risks

  • Provides guidance and support towards health goals

  • Effectively intervenes to prevent disease development


With a singular, integrated mobile-enabled wellness platform, Orthus Health provides:

  • Personal Health Risk Assessment: Health survey that pairs with member biometric results to provide a personal health risk score and report to determine what can be approved

  • Incentive Management: Tools to design, implement, and track benefit program incentives

  • Wellness Challenges: Individual and group challenges to encourage member engagement

  • Lifestyle Coaching: Health coaching for modifiable behaviors, powered by analytics

  • Health Programs: Tobacco cessation, weight loss, and pre-hypertension

  • Diabetes Management: Continuous monitoring, intelligent alerts, and coaching support using any glucometer


The Orthus Health wellness and condition management platform includes a disease risk instrument that can provide tremendous insight into avoidable disease burden cost related to modifiable risk. The aggregate report compares the cumulative employer group with the CDC national average, so any health risk manager will know whether their employee population is performing better than or behind the national average. It also includes the modifiable risk factors, like weight, blood pressure, exercise, smoking, etc. within that employer group that contribute to avoidable chronic conditions, such as diabetes, CHD, stroke, and lung cancer. The report then quantifies the 5-year cost of avoidable disease burden cost within each risk category.

COVID-19 SYMPTOM MONITORING Current symptom monitoring practices, such as temperature checks upon arrival and manual tools for tracking progression of symptoms or recovery, are inefficient and ineffective in today’s COVID-19 environment. They also risk the spread of contagion. Orthus Health has incorporated a symptom monitoring solution into their comprehensive wellness platform, allowing employees to remotely self-report body temperature and take a brief questionnaire to identify other respiratory virus symptoms prior to entering a facility. On the back end, that data can then be used by employers and HR teams to populate reports identifying risk and symptomatic employees and the ability to sort and drill down the data to spot trends.

The benefits:

  • Eliminates manual entry and tracking of body temperature and other respiratory systems

  • Offers mechanism to clearly communicate policies and digitally capture consent

  • Provides secure, private centralized insight to management in accordance with EEOC and ADA guidelines

  • Easily and quickly deployed

The results:

  • Significant savings for employers through lowered health costs

  • Increased morale and well-being

  • Increased productivity and longevity

  • Lower absenteeism and sick leave

  • Less employee turnover

Let’s rethink wellness. A comprehensive approach to workplace wellness with Orthus Health makes it simple to take action and inspire change in employees’ health journeys.

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