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Webinar: Beating the Pandemic

How COVID-19 is changing how we think about workplace wellness.
Webinar: Beating the Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic created unprecedented challenges for employers and our nation's health system. It also highlighted the immense need for preventative wellness and the difference a healthy, well-connected workforce can make in a crisis.

Americans living with a chronic disease or weakened immune system are at a higher risk of experiencing dangerous complications not just during a pandemic, but from common illnesses that can strike at any time. Without wellness programs or condition management solutions, employers face higher healthcare costs and lower productivity from employees struggling with physical and mental health.

During this webinar, Orthus Health will cover:

  • How preventative wellness can save money, save lives
  • How providing engaging wellness opportunities builds a healthier, happier workforce
  • Healthcare discoveries from COVID-19
  • Our unique tools including our patented disease risk assessment, health coaching, and dedicated virtual support for chronic conditions such as diabetes that can enhance the health of an employee population during a national pandemic and beyond.

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